Frequently Asked Questions


NB! Answers to most detailed questions can be found here in the ride manual

Where can I get a start number and deliver bags etc. before the start?

All practical information can be found here

I still can’t participate, can I move the registration to next year or get a refund?

No Unfortunately. We get a lot of such inquiries and as starting number material and planning of the event takes place a long time in advance, we are not able to bear this cost ourselves. We recommend checking whether you can be covered by private insurance if illness is the cause, alternatively you can sell or transfer the place to someone else, or switch to a shorter distance.

Where can I find my diploma?

Go to the results list and search your way up. On the page you get up to about yourself, there will be a pdf icon. There you can download the diploma and print it yourself.

When and where should I deliver my luggage (luggage) before starting in Trondheim?

Luggage can be delivered from 19-21 in the evening in Trondheim. It must be delivered on a truck that is at the start. You can also deliver your luggage on Saturday morning at the start. We like to take bike cases in the evening so they arrive first on the truck.

The bags for bag delivery must be delivered in the evening from 19-21 to the cars at the start.

When do I start and with whom?

Go to the main page of our website and click on “participants”. Here you can search by name, club/group, distance and much more. Keep an eye on this close to the start, as pools can be moved for various reasons and you may thus have received a new start time.

Where are the food stations in Styrkeprøven located?

Food stations – distance – opening hours

June 15 *
June 15 *
June 16 *
bag top
Soknedal65 km05:3010:30
Fagerhaug/Oppdal107 km06:15 13:00bag stop 1
Folldal195 km10:0022:45
Ring boo281 km11:1501:15bag stop 2
Lillehammer341 km12:3004:45
Scream412 km08:3007:30bag stop 3
Minnesund449 km09:3010:45
The gap491 km10:3013:15

*) Times for opening, closing and menu at the food station will be updated later.

We have 8 food stations from Trondheim to Oslo. At the food stations you will meet volunteer representatives of various teams and associations. Everyone you meet works diligently and puts in a lot of work to ensure that you, in particular, have a great experience. Many of our great volunteers have been involved for many years and have considerable experience if you have questions or need assistance in one form or another.

What can I eat at the food stations?

There will be different types of pre-greased baguettes, wraps, hot soup, sports drinks, juice, water, bananas and other fruit. True to tradition. You can add your own bars and gel to your bags for bag shipping, which will be sent to Oppdal, Ringebu and Skreia.

Do I have to label my bags in different colours?

You get ribbons of different colors to attach to the bags. We use racks that are rolled out as they are from the start to each food station. Remember the number of the rack you put your bag in for each stop. Tip! Place your bags with the same number (e.g. Fagernes 2 and Beitostølen 2, etc.) on the same shelf. Then it will be easy to find your bag at all stops.

Can we send bicycle cases as luggage?

Yes, it is possible to send bicycle cases as luggage during Styrkeprøven, but you must order shipping of this in the registration so that we can guarantee that we have room for these. There is an additional charge of NOK 150 for sending the bike case, and it is paid at registration.

Is it possible to use “food trucks” that put out boxes?

No, any form of accompanying vehicle is prohibited and may result in disqualification. All riders (including teams/groups) will have their needs met from our food stations. Bags of clothes are delivered to Oppdal. Ringebu and Skreia (after Gjøvik).

What should I do if I break?

– If you break, you must call the service number you are given in connection with the start number. You can get assistance to be transported to the nearest means of public transport. Therefore, always have the necessary means of payment with you so that you can buy a ticket for further transport.

I want to change the name of my start number – what do I do?

You use the link, username and password that you received when registering and go in and change it yourself. It will be registered as a sale and costs in excess of NOK 300.

Where does the timing stop?

Timing for all distances will be stopped at Gjelleråsen. See details in the ride manual.

The finish area is at Tokerud Flerbrukshall.