Lillehammer – Oslo

15 June 2024

Lillehammer – Oslo

The Little Styrkeprøven

Lillehammer – Oslo, our most popular distance. Has been part of Styrkeprøven since 1997 and will be run in 2024 for 26. time. Great experience in a very nice route from Lillehammer, along the west side of Mjøsa on the way to Oslo. Here you get the good feeling.


180 km

1327 m

Trail map

Here is the route on Strava

Here is the race manual (read it carefully before starting)

Registration prices

01.11.23 – 31.12.23: NOK 1,200
01.01.24 – 28.02.24: NOK 1,500
01.03.24 – 30.04.24: NOK 1,650
01.05.24 – 15.06.24: NOK 1,850

Height profile

About the Ride

You start at Hammartun school in Skolegata 32-37 in Lillehammer. From the school you cycle down to Mjøsa and over the old bridge to Vingnes and onto Vingromsveien, which runs parallel to the E6 south from Lillehammer.


The first start from Lillehammer is at 11.15
The last start from Lillehammer is at 12.15
Starting pool will be allocated time later. The fastest will start first.

Food stations

Distance – opening hours

June 15 *
June 16 *
Skreia/Totenvika72 km (72 miles)12:4502:30
Minnesund109 km (109 miles)13:4004:30
The gap151 km14:4506:40

*) Opening, closing and menu times at the food station can be corrected later.

We have 3 food stations from Lillehammer to Oslo. At the food stations you will meet volunteer representatives of various teams and associations. Everyone you meet works diligently and puts in a lot of work to ensure that you, in particular, have a great experience. Many of our great volunteers have been involved for many years and have considerable experience if you have questions or need assistance in one form or another.


  • The starting arrangement

    Clubs, teams and groups that have trained together will be allowed to cycle Styrkeprøven together. They should therefore also be allowed to start together. The fact that we no longer have a team competition with our own ranking does not mean that we will have a joint start.

    The starting arrangement will not be significantly changed from before. Those who have trained together will be allowed to start together and those who cycle the fastest will be allowed to start first. That’s pretty much how it’s always been.

    When you sign up, you will be asked how long you think you will spend. If you are a group that wants to start and cycle together, you should agree on what you think your finish time will be. You also state your club, company or team. That will lead to us getting perhaps 100-200 who state that they want a finish time of between 17 and 18 hours.

    We then take this group and divide it into starting groups based on what the registrants have stated by team, company and club. These starting groups will be allowed to start separately so that this does not allow unauthorized persons to enter the groups as this can create dangerous situations.

  • Choice of starting pool

    Self-seeding is used by the participants in Styrkeprøven . This means that you choose the time budget that best suits you and your wishes. We emphasize that it is very beneficial to choose a group that has your pace and does not drive too hard. The trip will not be as nice with too tight a budget.

  • Start number

    You receive your start number when you check in at the secretariat.

    For participants in the Oslo area, it is possible to pick up start numbers at Braasport Ullevål, Wednesday 12. June during the store’s opening hours between 10:00 – 19:00.

    There will be relevant offers in the store, good prices on Enervit nutrition, as well as sales of Styrkeprøven effects.

    Our partner Enervit will also be present with tastings and good offers on nutrition packages.

    In Lillehammer, the secretariat is at Hammartun School in Skolegata 32-37.

    The start number with chip must be attached to the seat post.

  • Secretariat

    The secretariat in Hammartun school in Lillehammer. The secretariat is open on Friday 16 June at: 19:30-21:00 and Saturday June 17 at: 08:30-12:00.

  • Food/service stations – ambulance/sanitation/technical service

    We have 3 food stations from Lillehammer to Oslo. These are located in Hamar, Minnesund and Kløfta.

    More information about these will come later.

    At the food stations you will meet volunteer representatives of various teams and associations. Everyone you meet works diligently and puts in a lot of work to ensure that you, in particular, have a great experience. Many of our great employees have been with us for many years and have considerable experience if you have questions or need assistance in one form or another.

    At our stations you can also get technical service if you need it. Skilled people with the right equipment will help you if there is an accident. In addition, we have 12 Peugeot cars that provide neutral service on the road. Information will be given about an on-call number you can call in the event of an accident. Our people will then come to the rescue.

  • Stopping time and ending the race - Finish

    Time is stopped at the exit from rv4 at Grorud. From there it is about 500 m to the sports facility at Grorud. There you will find everything you need when you have cycled the Sterkeprøve, i.a. you will be served a small meal on arrival

    • Baggage delivery

    • Bag delivery

    • Bike parking

    • The sleeping area

    • After-bike lounge

    • Restaurant

    • Exhibition area

    • WC and cloakroom with shower facilities

  • Luggage and transport of luggage

    When issuing a start number, tags are included for the luggage. The luggage is marked and delivered to the carrier, who is marked and ready at the start of the square. Transport of luggage, with the exception of bicycle cases, is included in the price. If you are to transport a bicycle case, this must be booked and paid NOK. NOK 150 in registration at USS.

    The organizer transports return luggage from the start to Oslo for participants. Delivery of luggage (marked with start number, name etc) is handed in on a lorry at the start on Saturday morning.

    In Trondheim, luggage can also be delivered on Friday evenings from 19-21 in Munkegata by the square.

    The luggage is handed over in the destination area.

  • Who can participate, what is required?

    To take part in road races such as Trondheim–Oslo, Lillehammer–Oslo, Hamar–Oslo and Eidsvoll–Oslo, you must turn 17 during the calendar year.

    There is no age limit for cycling in the Eidsvoll – Oslo triathlon, but participants under the age of 15 must ride with an adult companion.

  • Registration/changes/sale of start no

    When you sign up, you receive a username, a password and a dedicated link that can be used to make changes to your order. This can be done up to and including the 14th. June 2023 at 11:59. Changes after this time are made by contacting the secretariat at the start location.

    Information on the sale of start numbers can be found here .

  • Service vehicles and escort vehicles

    Escort cars are not permitted in the Strength Test. In this context, by companion car we mean all cars that provide assistance to the riders. Cars that transport food, drinks, front cars, cars that transport clothes, cars that transport equipment, wheeled cars, cars that accept clothes or glasses etc. Riders associated with such vehicles risk disqualification.

    Only the organizer has permission to provide assistance to the participants.

  • Timekeeping

    The strength test uses timing with a disposable chip. The chip must be mounted on the seatpost and must not be handed in at the finish line.

    For correct timing/results, the chip must follow the bike from start to finish. Start time is registered in Trondheim. Passing times are registered at Dombås, Kvam, Lillehammer, Hamar, Eidsvoll Verk and Olavsgaard.

    End time is registered in Oslo.

    Riders who have a smart phone and download the UltimateLive App can be followed live from start to finish. The app also pairs with selected heart rate belts so that your family and friends can follow where you are.

  • Awards, medals and diplomas

    Everyone who completes one of the Strength Test’s distances receives a medal and diploma. These are distributed after the finish line.

    The diploma is printed from the results pages of EQ timing, which are published on our website immediately after the race.

    In addition, flowers and attention are given out in accordance with the Styrkeproven to a regulation in force at any given time.

  • Transport offer

    Information on Transport offers is from 2023. This will be updated.

    The option can be selected and paid for during registration, if you are already registered, you can log in with your information and purchase the transport option. Should you not have ordered in time, there are good transport options to all the starting points by train, see, but there may be limited opportunities to bring a bicycle. We have therefore opened up the possibility that bookings for bicycle transport can usually be made up to 24 hours before the start, but please note that there is a limited number of places.


    We have booked a joint departure by train to Trondheim, departing on Friday 16. June at 08:02 (carriage 2 and 3) expected arrival is at 14:39.

    Bicycles are delivered to the lorry parked in Trelastgata v/track 19 from 07:00. The bikes are wrapped in bubble wrap before transport.

    DEADLINE FOR TRAIN BOOKINGS: 16. May at 12:00!


    Delivery of bicycles in Trondheim will be at Hank Sport. There is also the secretariat. The time depends on how long the trucks need, but we assume sometime between 5 and 6 p.m.


    Bicycles for these departures are delivered up to 1 hour before departure on trucks in Trelastgata (Track 19).

    Transport Friday 16. June at 16:34 – transport by train and bicycle transport by car.

    Transport Saturday 17 June at 06:15 – Bus from Trelastgata (Track 19): NOK 860 (person incl. bicycle transport).

    Bicycle transport only: NOK 290

    Bus and bicycle transport stops at Hammertun Skole.

    Driving time to Lillehammer is estimated at 2.5-3 hours.




    17 June at 10:54: Train from Oslo S:. Price NOK 300 (person including bicycle transport).

    17 June at 10:54: Bicycle transport only: NOK 110

    Bicycles are delivered at departure in Trelastgata (Track 19) from 10:15.

    Driving time to Eidsvoll is estimated at 1 hour.


  • Safety and traffic rules

    Safety in a touring race is important, both for participants, organisers, spectators and other road users. The responsibility for ensuring that safety in the race is ensured lies with both the organizer and the participants. The endurance test follows a track that is open to normal traffic where normal traffic rules apply.

    Securing the trail track

    The route will be signposted in accordance with guidelines from the Swedish Road Administration and the police.

    Signs with black arrows will mark changes of road or direction ahead of each intersection or roundabout. In areas where special caution must be exercised, there will be separate signs. To the extent that we have permission for this, stationary guards will stand at dangerous points, intersections and roundabouts in the route.

    Note! As a participant in a touring race, you do not have a free way and public authorities therefore also do not want us to use trail guards or stationary guards who can give the participants the impression that they have a free way. Normal traffic rules apply to all participants in the race.

    There are a few points that you need to pay particular attention to. This applies, among other things, to speed limits, stopping at red lights, crossing the yellow center line and driving with more than two abreast over long stretches.

    In 2022, a speed check was carried out in a 50 zone at the bottom of a long hill. We have been informed that a majority of those who were measured were driving too fast in this 50 zone. It is possible that speed checks will also be carried out in 2024, and that riders who drive too fast may be stopped and fined by the police.

    In 2022, the police also observed riders who did not stop for red lights. You must stop for a red light. This is a touring race and this is the same for everyone. We expect that riders who run red lights may be stopped and fined by the police.

    We have also been informed that riders in 2022 will ride both three and four in width over longer distances. This is also not good and it will be difficult for the riders on the far left to avoid crossing into the wrong lane.

    The rules for overtaking are also the same as for other traffic, but we ask that you avoid crossing the yellow line as far as possible. If you are driving with someone else and you are about to be caught, line up so it is easy to pass you without having to cross the yellow line. If you are driving with others and you overtake someone, line up when you pass them so you don’t have to cross the yellow line. This will help to increase safety in the ride.

  • Environment

    The strength test has a zero vision for littering along the route. Riders who have to get rid of rubbish/empty bottles and the like must therefore do this in connection with the food stations.

    Participants must not throw bottles, hoses, tyres, paper or other rubbish along the trail. Generally, what the rider has taken with him in his “back pocket” at the start must also be brought back to the start or thrown in a marked place at food stations or at the finish line.

    NB! Riders observed littering will receive additional time or be disqualified.

    NB! Teams participating in the team competition with riders observed littering will receive additional time or be disqualified.

    We therefore encourage everyone to take responsibility for the Test of Strength being carried out without littering the surroundings.

  • Sustainability

    The strength test sees the importance of sustainable measures and works actively to minimize the event’s environmental footprint and promote sustainable practices. Some of the ways we work with sustainability in cycling are:

    1. Travel by public transport: In order to reduce the emissions linked to transport, Styrkeprøven encourages participants to travel by public transport or use alternative means of transport to get to the starting point. We also sell transport by train for the participants to Trondheim.

    2. Bicycle and luggage transport: We set up transport of bicycles from Oslo to Trondheim and Lillehammer so that it is easier for the participants to travel by public transport. The cars we use to transport bicycles to the starting points are reused by transporting the luggage of the participants back to the finish line. In the same way, we collaborate with groups of participants, such as e.g. cycling clubs, which have their own transport of bicycles to Trondheim so that their cars can be reused in the event such as service cars for all participants or for bag delivery.

    3. The ban on escort cars also contributes to there being fewer cars on the roads during the race. Bag freight to Oppdal, Kvam and Hamar is also part of this reduction in the number of cars on the road during the event.

    4. We have implemented effective waste management processes along the route. We encourage participants to respect nature and throw their waste in dedicated bins at the food stations or at the finish line. We also emphasize the recovery and recycling of waste where possible. Waste from the food stations is recycled in accordance with the guidelines from the local authorities.

    5. Cooperation with local communities: The strength test emphasizes cooperation with local communities and residents. We purchase for the food stations as locally as possible and we work with local authorities, voluntary organizations and businesses to ensure that the ride has a positive impact on the communities it passes through.

    6. Energy use: The strength test works to minimize energy consumption during the event. We use energy-efficient solutions such as LED lighting. We also encourage food stations etc to use renewable energy. And through our collaboration with Peugeot, we use electric cars to the extent possible.

    7. Awareness raising and education: The test of strength works actively to raise awareness of sustainability among participants, support staff and the public. We offer information on sustainable choices and encourage responsible behaviour. This may include communication about recycling, reduction of single-use items and appropriate use of natural resources.

    The test has recognized the importance of running the race in a way that takes into account the environment and the local communities it affects. By implementing sustainable practices and encouraging awareness and participation from all parties involved, we work to minimize the impact on the environment and facilitate a sustainable cycling race.

  • Licence/insurance

    To participate in the Styrkeprøven, you must have a year-round license through a club affiliated with the Norwegian Cycling Association or a one-off license that applies to the race.

    A license is mandatory to participate in all types of cycling races organized by the Norwegian Cycling Federation (NCF). It contains i.a. a small accident insurance. For the year-round licence, the insurance applies to accidents during all cycling activities as well as accidents on the journey to and from cycling races. The license is administered by the Norwegian Cycling Association.

    You can either buy a one-time license or an active license. The one-time license is purchased when registering for the Strength Test.

    Full lock licenses can be ordered by members of an NCF approved club/team who have paid the annual membership fee to the club/team. The license applies to all types of rides and is valid from the date the license is approved by NCF until December of the same year. The insurance is valid until February of the following year.

    For more information on licences, see

  • Cancellation

    If the Strength Test is canceled before the day of the event because the organizer does not get permission to carry out the event, the starting fee will be refunded.

    For other reasons for cancellation before the day of the event, the organizer can keep up to 50% of the registration fee to cover expenses in connection with organizing the race.

    If the race has to be moved to a later date, or canceled so that it can then be arranged at a later date, those who were registered for the race on the original date and who do not show up for the start on the new date are not entitled to a refund of the registration fee.

    In the event of cancellation of the Strength Test on the day of the race or the day before the day of the race due to unforeseen weather conditions or other “force majeure”, the organizer retains the registration fee.

    Refund in case of non-participation

    All registrations are binding after the registration fee has been paid. If the registrant, due to illness or other reasons, cannot participate in the race, all or part of the registration fee will not be refunded.

    Please note that many travel insurances also include cancellation insurance that provides such reimbursement in the event of illness. So does the Startklar and Startkla+ insurance that we offer in connection with this event.

  • Regulations

    Link to the riding regulations will come later