About Styrkeprøven

The name, Styrkeprøven, also called Den Store Styrkeprøven Trondheim-Oslo, has its origins in the original bike race with start in Trondheim and finish in Oslo, but since then shorter routes have also been launched that make up parts of the Trondheim-Oslo route.

The race was first held in 1967 with 121 participants. The initiator was Erik Gjems-Onstad from SK Rye. From 1899, the distance had been run as a record attempt by individual riders. From 1967 it was held every year, and in 1979 it attracted over 1,000 participants for the first time. Oslo Cyklekrets was the organizer up to and including 2013, while in 2014 Styrkeprøven was established as a separate limited company with eight sports clubs in Oslo and the surrounding area as shareholders. Styrkeprøven AS has also organized other cycling races in the region, such as Oslo – Mysen, and Oslo – Lærdal.