Carbohydrates during exercise

In order to get through Styrkeprøven or Jotunheimen Rundt in a decent way, it is important that you are able to both eat and drink while cycling. It is therefore natural for most of our participants to practice this.

Now, Matthieu Clauss at the Sports Academy in Oslo has researched how important the intake of carbohydrates during training is for the training benefit itself. And his research shows that this is not only important for you to be able to get enough nutrition during the ride itself. It also has a positive effect on the result of the training itself and the improved recovery so that you can withstand a greater training load. It matters little when you eat and drink during training. What’s important is that you do.

The researcher has examined athletes who have received carbohydrates or a placebo both during and after training – then only one of the parts at a time – and looked at the specific results of each training session.

This is an interesting survey for anyone who trains endurance. And there is something to take with you if you are among those who only drink water during indoor training in the winter. The next time you sit in the spinning room, it might be good to have more than water in the drink bottles. Supplement with a little sugar in the form of, for example, Enervit or juice etc. And bring a bar in your back pocket that you eat during the session. This will improve the benefit you get from the training.

You can find more information about this research here:

Good luck with your winter indoor training.