Theodor (19) impressed in the Sognefjellsrittet: – Gave the feeling that we were riding a Tour de France stage

Theodor Stokke Fagervold comes from Røa in Oslo, and was just 11 years old when he started cycling with a friend.

– “The motivation for cycling really started with getting to the grocery store in Sørkedalen and eating a big coconut bun, and then managing to cycle home again,” he says .

When Theodor was 15 years old, he started playing sports in earnest, and today he is in his final year of the cycling course at the Norwegian High School for Top Sports in Bærum.

– You could say that it’s a slightly different, but fun schooling. We train until 12 noon every day, except Fridays. Then we only have school. Many of the students also live in dormitories and are from different areas of Norway.

Gold at the first attempt in Sognefjellsrittet

Last year, Theodor took part in Tyrifjorden Rundt, which was his very first tour race. The experience gave her a taste for more, and the 19-year-old decided to sign up for the Sognefjellsrittet the same year.

– I rode with some teammates and the atmosphere was good,” he says.

– The hills up Sognefjellet almost gave the feeling that we were cycling a Tour de France stage up Alpe d’Huez. The view from the top and the descent down towards Turtagrø was also fantastic. I was a bit surprised when I entered the finish area with a reception almost on par with a UCI race.

Theodor ended up impressing everyone and finished first in the Sognefjellsrittet 2023. Now he guarantees that this is unlikely to be the last time he takes part in the race.

SATISFIED: Jørgen Sekse, Sander Halfdansen, Theodor Stokke Fagervold, Herman Adolfsen and Konrad Amundsen were all smiling at the finish line after a successful race. Photo: Private.

– I would definitely recommend Sognefjellsrittet! “There was good safety, a varied level of participants that means everyone can find a group to ride with, a super cool course and beautiful scenery,” says the 19-year-old, and adds:

If you get through the first half before the downhills, the rest is a charm ear stage to the finish!

Dreaming of the Tour de France

What are your cycling ambitions?

– Now I’m really just enjoying being able to have a fun schooling with the sport I love. This year I’m riding as a first-year senior in Ringerike Sykkelklubb Elite, so I’ll have good matching there. It’s a good development environment where I can develop as a cyclist.

The talented cyclist is optimistic about the future and admits that he dreams big .

– I have a dream of being able to participate in the Tour de France or some of the cycling monuments, but it’s a long way to go and a lot of things have to be right.

Photo: Mallorca Pictures