The Norwegian Public Roads Administration grants permission for Styrkeprøven 2024

We have now received the necessary permits from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to organize the races included in Styrkeprøven 2024, i.e. starting from Trondheim, Lillehammer and Eidsvoll with the finish at Grorud in Oslo. The rides are arranged 15. – June 16.

With that, we can welcome the Styrkeprøven for 55. time since 1967! Styrkeprøven was originally established by Erik Gjems-Onstad, but not without some resistance from the Norwegian Cycling Federation, which at the time was rather lukewarm to the idea of a race between Trondheim and Oslo. When the race was first organized, it was without any support from NCF and the race leader Erik Gjems-Onstad had to take financial responsibility for the event himself. The ride leader had a greeting for those who had no faith in the event: “Sport needs constant renewal. Let’s constantly seek new paths and support new ideas. If you don’t believe in an initiative yourself, inspire those who have the belief and desire to get started.”

In 2024, there will be changes to the route for those cycling our longest distance from Trondheim. As previously announced, after Hjerkinn the participants will cycle via Folldal and then over Venabygdsfjell to Ringebu. This means a few more meters of ascent overall, but it will probably also provide an even greater experience of nature for those who manage to look around along the road. In addition, we must take into account that there will certainly be much less traffic on the new route than on the previous route from Dombås to Ringebu. It also provides a greater experience of nature and the trip.

Anyone cycling from either Trondheim or Lillehammer should cycle the west side of Lake Mjøsa this year, i.e. pass Vingrom, Biri, Gjøvik, Skreia and Feiring before Minnesund. From Minnesund to Kløfta, the route follows the same route as in 2023.

After Kløfta, all participants will cycle via Frogner to Skedsmokorset. Then there is a completely new route to Slattum in Nittedal before Hadelandsveien will be followed up to Gjelleråsen and then national road 4 to Grorud.

The permit from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration is subject to a number of conditions. For our participants, this means, among other things, that we as an organizer must be clearer to our participants that the Road Traffic Act applies and that the race regulations must be followed by everyone. In addition, all escort vehicles are strictly prohibited for reasons of road safety and accessibility for other traffic. The organizer is required by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to be even stricter in imposing penalties/sanctions on participants who violate the race regulations or traffic rules. This is also something we will have a special focus on in 2024, but we hope and believe that the vast majority of our participants will respect speed limits, red lights, giving way, the ban on escort vehicles and the fact that in road races there is never a clear path for cyclists in relation to other traffic. This is important to ensure that everyone is safe from start to finish!

We will get back to all our participants with more information in the race manual.

Registration for Styrkeprøven 2024 can be done here