Masterclass: Clothing from Trondheim and packing bags

Now there is only a short time left until the start takes place in the center of Trondheim on Saturday 17. June. Have you checked the weather report on or rittvæ Tuesday morning looks very good with some sun. Warm all the way – also on Dovrefjell. There is a certain risk of rain already from Oppdal, over Dovrefjell and a little down Gudbrandsdalen. It can be good with a few rain showers now and then in the heat! Little wind has been reported, but there will probably be headwinds. The way we read the weather forecast now, this is going to be a blast.

From the start in Trondheim, our clothing will be as follows:

  • Short cycling trousers, possibly considering whether you should wear knee warmers or trousers above the knees.
  • Short-sleeved cycling jersey
  • Brynje sleeveless super jersey
  • Loose sleeves
  • Cycling socks
  • Thin shoe covers

I also have ready a buff, cut off sleeves from a Brynje mesh jersey and my Kiwi plastic bag. The plastic bag from Kiwi is cut open on the sides and bottom so that I can wear it over my head and get rain and wind protection under my cycling jersey. This works great! In 2022, it rained from Trondheim to Oppdal, but with the plastic bag between the super jersey and the cycling jersey, there was no need for a wind vest or rain jacket. This year there will be no need for the plastic bag from the start, so I put the plastic bag in one pocket of the cycling jersey.

Bag shipping is an excellent offer from the organizer to all participants! It was for the first time an offer to the participants in Styrkeprøven in 2022, but for example around Jotunheimen bag shipping has been in use for many years.

There are three places on the Trondheim-Oslo distance where you can transport your bag: Oppdal, Kvam and Hamar. Read everything about bag shipping here:

With the weather forecast that has now been announced, I choose to put the following in my three pack bags ( ), but if the weather forecast changes a lot, there may be some small adjustments. My starting point for packing and clothing is to start in Trondheim around 5:30 and spend 18-20 hours on the trip. If you are going to spend more than 24 hours on the trip, I would probably recommend adding some warmer clothes to Hamar, for example a long-sleeved super jersey or thin cycling jacket.


  1. Thin rain jacket, easy to carry in a pocket or tucked under the back. This can be nice over the mountain.
  2. Long gloves. In case it looks very wet and cold, but with the temperatures reported all Saturday, I doubt whether these will be brought from Oppdal.
  3. Long-sleeved super jersey from Brynje. Only in case it has become much colder than the weather forecast has announced.
  4. Dry socks (if needed)
  5. Buff
  6. 2 packets of Vestlands-lefser (fresh cycling food)
  7. A spare hose + 2 air cartridges


  • Short-sleeved super jersey from Brynje
  • Short cycling gloves
  • Power bank to charge the mobile phone
  • 3 packs of Vestlands lefser
  • 2 spare hoses + 2 air cartridges + tire levers (spare)
  • Spare plastic bag to wear on the chest (completely cut up on the sides and bottom)
  • Sunscreen? Yes, clever. Be sure to wrap it in at least two plastic bags.


  • Wind west (now it’s getting towards evening)
  • Loose sleeves
  • Buff
  • Dry socks
  • 2 packs of Vestlands lefser
  • 2 spare hoses + 2 air cartridges

Otherwise, I have a small saddle bag under the seat from the start in Trondheim. In the saddle bag I have two spare tubes, an air cartridge, tire levers, a small multi-tool and of course a bank card to be able to buy something along the way.

Another little tip is to send some candy, for example wine gums, gummy bears or raspberry drops, to Kvam and Hamar. It can be good motivation to get some snacks along the way.

Everyone must make sure to have lights on both the front and back of the bike. This is important! Otherwise, we must encourage everyone to follow the traffic rules and cycle considerately. We don’t want any accidents in Styrkeprøven ! And then we must not contribute to neither the police nor other road users telling stories after the ride that cyclists cannot behave properly in traffic and that they break the traffic rules.

Good luck with your preparations! Tread carefully and have fun! Good luck on Saturday to all participants in Styrkeprøven 2023!