Vacant places on the Sognefjellsrittet

Above Sognefjellet. Photo: Jotunheiem Rundt

In this “mini edition” of Jotunheimen Rundt, we cycle through some of the most beautiful Norwegian nature.

The fastest take the 137 km from Lom to Sogndal – up Bøverdalen, over Sognefjellet, out Lustrafjorden and down from Hafslo to Sogndal – in under four hours. The majority of the participants spend between six and eight hours on this trip, and arrive at the finish line in Sogndal at about the same time as the participants in the Jotunheimen Rundt.

The Sognefjell ride is just as suitable for mountain bikes as road bikes, and mountain bikes can be used well if you take it as a trip. If you want to follow the “pool”, then racer is recommended.

There are still places available on Sognefjellrittet 2. July.

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We hope to see you in Lom in July.