Two important changes in Styrkeprøven 2024: New finish area and maximum time from Trondheim

It’s almost a fortnight until Styrkeprøven 2024. The first version of this year’s race manual is available here. For the distance from Trondheim, it looks like there will be just under 600 registered participants this year, while we estimate that there will be around 700 participants from Lillehammer and perhaps up to 150 participants from Eidsvoll.

Nytt målområde

In 2024, there will be a completely new finish area for all participants in Styrkeprøven. The finish is located at Tokerud multi-purpose hall. The address here is Inga Bjørnsons vei 1B. Tokerud multi-purpose hall is located between Vestli and Stovner. In the finish area you will find everything you need when you have cycled Styrkeprøven, including a small meal for all participants. Inside the hall there will be luggage delivery, bicycle parking, a sleeping area, changing rooms with shower facilities and the opportunity to buy something from the café/kiosk. We look forward to welcoming you and congratulate you on a successful Styrkeprøven!

Note that the time will be stopped just after passing Gjelleråsen where Brådalsstubben takes off from Rv4. Here, all participants will enter the pedestrian and cycle path that runs parallel to Rv4. When you enter the pedestrian and cycle path, time stops. From this location, there is a transport stage (all participants must roll at low speed!) of just under 2 km to Tokerud multi-purpose hall.

Ny maksimaltid fra Trondheim

The second change only applies to those participants who will be cycling our longest distance, Trondheim – Oslo. New in 2024 is that we have had to limit the number of hours that each participant can spend on the distance. Now the maximum time is set to about 27 hours. In the past, it has been possible to use more than 30 hours, but unfortunately this is not possible this year.

The police have demanded that we only use stationary guards along the entire route. In addition, the number of guards has increased significantly in recent years and the police will also have many people present in our race. It is an ongoing challenge to obtain sufficient approved stationary guards who are able to compete in cycling races. For every hour we extend the event, we will need more guards. We have stretched this as far as it has been possible under the circumstances and it is unfortunately to set a time limit of 27 hours.

We think it’s a great pity that the security requirements have become so strict. In this case, it affects the real exercisers who spend a long time on the distance Trondheim – Oslo. For future events, this is something we will continue to work on in order to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in Styrkeprøven.

This means that all participants must have passed Hjerkinn (167 km) by noon. 13:32 (Saturday), Ringebu (281 km) by kl. 19:32 (Saturday), Gjøvik (384 km) by kl. 00:57 (Sunday) and Minnesund (448 km) by kl. 04:19 (Sunday). Those who are unable to comply with the maximum times of these locations must hand in their start number to the organizer. These riders can continue at their own risk without being part of the race, but should then use pedestrian and cycle paths where available.

Our service vehicles can assist with transportation to the nearest bus or train station for public transport to Oslo. Participants who are withdrawn from the race must pay for their own public transport to Oslo.

For all distances, the deadline for crossing the finish line in Oslo is by noon. 08:00 Sunday morning 16. June.

We wish all our participants good luck with the final preparations for this year’s Strength Test!