Trondheim-Oslo as one of ten stages in Norway along

Ill: Facsimile from the FB group Norway along 2024

This year, five fit guys from the Førde region are cycling the length of Norway from the North Cape to Lindesnes, a distance of almost 2,700 km.

They plan to spend 10 days on the trip from Nordkapp to Lindesnes. The longest day’s stage will be from Trondheim to Oslo, where they will also take part in Styrkeprøven.

The five men are Ingvar Byrkjeland, Jan Ove Krakhellen and Geir Nygård from Førde, Ove Wolff from Hyllestad and Torbjørn Os from Naustdal. All of them have participated in Styrkeprøven before. Geir Nygård is the most experienced of the bunch in Styrkeprøven with 19 completed rides, while Ingvar Byrkjeland has completed 11. They will be accompanied by two helpers in a service vehicle, but Styrkeprøven will be carried out without a support vehicle and only food stations from the organizer along the way.

The gang starts their long bike ride through Norway from the North Cape on Friday 7. June. The plan is for 10 days of cycling to get to Lindesnes, as well as a rest day in Trondheim before the 518 km Styrkeprøven is completed on Saturday 15. June.

As Geir Nygård tells us in Styrkeprøven: “From what we’ve heard, there will be a lot of downhill slopes, sun and tailwinds on the road”. We sincerely hope they do on their very long journey through Norway from north to south.

You can follow the five cheerful men on their way from the North Cape to Lindesnes on the Facebook group “Norge på langs 2024“.

Have a good trip and good luck! And welcome to Styrkeprøven.