Shipping of bags in Trondheim-Oslo

Here is the plan for shipping of bags to food stops

Shipping of bags is an addition to the regular luggage shipping. Luggage you want transported to Oslo should be delivered to one of our trucks in Trondheim before you start. The shipping of small bags to the food stops is a little more complicated.

You can deliever luggage for transportation to Oslo to the trucks in Munkegata in Trondheim from kl. 20-22 friday evening. Luggage to Oslo can also be delievered just before you start.

Delievery of bags to the food stops will be at the same time and place, that is friday evening in Munkegate in Trondheim from 20 – 22.00.

This is the first year we have a scheme for bag shipping in Styrkeprøven. We do this to improve our service to you since accompanying cars are not allowed. There will probably be some snag since this is the first time, we are doing this. We also hope that everyone will have some understanding that this scheme is also completely new to the volunteer crew at the food stations.

The bag shipping described here applies to everyone not in the team start, that is the first 9 start groups.

The scheme

The plan is that you can deliver up to 3 bags before starting in Trondheim. We transport these to the food stations at OppdalKvam and Hamar, respectively, where you will receive your bag. Once you have «used» the bag, we will transport it to Oslo where you will get it back with the rest of your luggage.

«Unused» bags will be left at the food station and transported to Oslo with the last truck that leaves the food station. That is, it can take a long time before you get your bag in Oslo if you do not put your bag, it in the plastic bag for «used» bags at the food station.

The bags

The bags should be waterproof. They must be marked with start number (big numbers), name and mobile number so we can find out who owns it if the tag is lost. We also recommend everyone to put a note in the bag with name and mobile number as an extra security. We can’t take any responsibility for stuff being lost along the way. To ensure that nothing falls out, we recommend using packing bags / dry bags like these:øyle-70-d-nylon

The bags can weigh a maximum of 1.5 kg. We have space restrictions so we can’t carry other luggage or normal bags with this transport. There must be bags that can be packed small. We hope everyone can help make the bag freight easy so as not to carry too much in the bags.

The bag must be marked with your start number. You will get a tag you can attach to the bag with a small strip when you pick up your start number in Trondheim. The notes will have a color code to minimize the number of bags that should be in Kvam, ends up in Oppdal and likewise.

Shipping of bags

You can send a small bag to each of the food stations in Oppdal, Kvam and Hamar. We have chosen Oppdal since many will want to put on more clothes before going over the mountain. At Kvam you may want to take these clothes off again or change into dry clothes. In Hamar many will want a warmer jacket or take off their sunglasses before they cycle the last stretch to Oslo.

Bags for Oppdal must have a red color code

Bags for Kvam must have a blue color code

Bag for Hamar must have a green color code

The bags for each starting group and each food station are placed in their own large clear plastic bag in Trondheim before the start. There is one bag per start group per food station. The plastic bags are marked with food station.

It is important that the bags come in the right bags. We want your bag to be ready when you arrive at the food station, or at least that it should be easy to find. If it is in the wrong bag, it will take longer. And putting a bag that is going to Oppdal in a sack that is going to Kvam is generally not a good idea.

In Trondheim, there will be a stand with clear plastic bags in which the bags for the different food stations for the different starting groups should be placed.

What you can have in the bags

Here are a few examples of what you may need. It will depend on the weather so please check the weather forecast before packing your bags.

Oppdal – windproof jacket or rain jacket, extra cloths if it is cold, extra loose arms or legs.

Kvam – dry sweater, socks, gloves, an extra tube, and an extra air cartridge

Hamar – warm jacket, warmer gloves, an extra tube, and an extra air cartridge as well as an empty spectacle case so you can leave your sunglasses without them being broken

Of course, you can also put a muesli bar or two and some gel in your bag, but do not use the bags to carry drinks. Drink is heavy and if you have a leak all the other bags for your starting group can end up sticky. The owners of those bags will not be pleased (and neither will we).

You can check the weather here:

Over the mountain:ærvarsel/graf/5-9310/Norge/Innlandet/Dovre/Hjerkinn


Into Oslo:ærvarsel/graf/1-87761/Norge/Viken/Ullensaker/Jessheim