Race Manual


Dear Cyclist friend

We warmly welcome you to the 53rd edition of Styrkeprøven, Norway's oldest and longest cycling race. We are ready for 2019 and 375 volunteers will take to the streets and show you the way. In total, Styrkeprøven involves approx. 10,600 hours of voluntary service, and we ride over 1,300,000 km throughout the weekend. Show your appreciation to our volunteers – without them it would not be possible to ride Styrkeprøven.

It is with great joy and pride that in 2019 we will welcome cyclists from 33 nations to start at our five start cities: Trondheim, Kvam, Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Eidsvoll. We have representation from Argentine, Palestine, UAE, Thailand and the United States together with almost all European countries.

Bib # 53, Mr Leif Grimstveit will ride his 53rd race from Trondheim to Oslo. When he arrives in Oslo, he will have completed over 28,550 km with us. There is not much more to say about Leif's incredible achievement.

Arnljot Mehl from Bærum OCK is riding Trondheim - Oslo for the 42nd time and is fantastic representative for our sport.

From Trondheim in 2019 we have three riders which simultaneously will pass 40 completed races. This is Jan Andersen from OPIL, Henning Sørum, SK Rye and Yngvar Haugland from 3T Rosten.

Among the women, Bente Strand now has 32 completed races and is ready again in Trondheim in 2019.

Other round number from Trondheim

Round numbers from Lillehammer

Ingar Wilhelmsen, the long-standing racing director of Styrkeprøven, is again speaker in Trondheim. Ingar knows the history of and cyclists in Styrkeprøven better than anyone, and the cyclists take great pleasure in Ingar sending them off towards Oslo. Styrkeprøven veteran Tore Elvedal is working with Ingar and is in control of everything that is taking place in Trondheim.

Kvam, in the municipality of Nord-Fron, represents half of Styrkeprøven and our racing host Anette Lunde is taking good care of our cyclists here. We thank the Furusjøen Rundt-race and Kvam Sports Club for their work behind Styrkeprøven.

Lillehammer - Oslo is the most popular stretch of Styrkeprøven, where almost 3,000 cyclists start at the Swix building on Saturday, June 22nd. The Swix building in Blåswixveien was introduced as a starting point in 2016 with great success. Pål Wiik-Wøien and Svein Auke are responsible for Lillehammer, and we are grateful for their contribution.

Gjøvik is a popular starting point, and like last year, they have the pleasure of starting at Gjøvik Gård. Tom Gullberg and his crew from Raufoss and Gjøvik Cycling Club are taking care of all starting and the marshalling services in Gjøvik.

At Eidsvoll, Eidsvoll Cycling Club with Bjørn-Erik Nyrud and speaker Tor Myrseth takes care of our guests here.

In Vallhall Arena, Andreas Skatvedt, Eirik Thorgersen and Caroline Nguyen are your hosts together with a large crowd of volunteers.

As in 2018 Brunstad Christian Church and The Norwegian Red Cross are the main contributors amongst our volunteers. Svein Auke, Terje Bråthen and Egil Reiersrud leads both BCC road marshals, the mobile service units and the starts in Trondheim and in Lillehammer.

Styrkeprøven AS

Regular Distribution of bibs

Regular distribution

Trondheim - Oslo

Scandic Nidelven
Friday June 21st, 12:00 – 19:00

At the start line in Munkegata opposite "Tinghuset" (Munkegata 13, 7013 Trondheim)
Friday June 21st, 20:00 – Saturday June 22st, 06:00

Kvam - Oslo

Kiwi Kvam, 2642 Kvam
Friday June 21st, 18:00 – 20:00

Vertshuset Sinclair, Gudbrandsdalsvegen 1452, 2642 Kvam
Saturday June 22st, 07:00 – 08:00

Lillehammer - Oslo

SWIX bygget Blåswixvegen 5, 2624 Lillehammer
Friday June 21st, 12:00 – 21:00
Saturday June 22st, 04:00 – 09:15

Gjøvik - Oslo

Gjøvik Gård, Niels Ødegaards gate 3, 2815 Gjøvik
Saturday June 22st, 09:00 – 11:00

Eidsvoll - Oslo

Nebbenes kafeteria, Trondheimsveien 332, 2074 Eidsvoll Verk
Saturday June 22st, 09:00 – 12:30


Start Trondheim Startnummer Trondheim

Start Kvam Startnummer Kvam

Start Lillehammer Startnummer Lillehammer

Start Gjøvik Startnummer Gjøvik

Start Eidsvoll Startnummer Eidsvoll

Start Women Velo Startnummer Women Velo

Start VIP Startnummer VIP

The Bibs are to be affixed around to the seat post. It is important that they are not affixed before the bicycle is transported, but rather affixed when you arrive at start.

Helmet bibs Merke på hjelm


All transport departs from Oslo Sentralbanestasjon, Trelastgata (Track 19). Map -


Track – please see the official information posted at the train station billboard.







Bike transport

All bikes going to Trondheim, Kvam and Lillehammer can be dropped off (Track 19) at least one hour prior to departure. The bikes bound for Trondheim is taken to Scandic Nidelven Hotel upon arrival

Where to get your bike after transport:

Scandic Nidelven Hotell. From approx 17:00 hrs
Please note that the bikes will arrive approximate 17:00 hrs in Trondheim. Please be present at Scandic Nidelven at this time. We need the trucks for other services.

Vertshuset Sinclair or Kiwi Kvam. From approx 12:00 hrs.

Friday 21st: Håkons hall. From approx 19:00 hrs
Saturday 22nd: Swixbygget. From approx 08:00 hrs

Gjøvik gård. From 09:00 hrs.

Gamle Nebbenes Kro. From 10:00 hrs

For bike transport to Gjøvik or Eidsvoll, please be present 30 minutes prior to departure.

Styrkeprøven AS provides packers with bubble wrap that will pack the bicycles and put them on lorries. It is also possible to drop off the bicycle with your own packaging or bicycle bag if you prefer.
Please note that all transport is ticketless. Our lists have all the booked personal and bike transports. For those who are travelling by train, we have staff on the platform showing you to your seat. Check the Oslo S information board for track numbers.

Getting to Oslo S by car
By car, you drive to the pick-up/drop-off area at the entrance next to Thon Hotel Opera, with access from Dronning Eufemias gate.

Getting to Oslo S by tube
You get off at the stop called Jernbanetorget. From here you can go down the escalator at Byporten and towards Oslo City. All 5 lines stop at this station, which gives 24 departures per hour coming and going.

Getting to Oslo S by bus
The bus terminal is located in Galleri Oslo. Use the north entrance (at Byporten towards Oslo City and Galleri Oslo). Walk across the bridge and into Galleriet. The bus terminal is at the end of Galleri Oslo.

Getting to Oslo S by Flytoget (airport express train)
The airport train to/from Gardermoen departs at least every 20 minutes. The airport train goes from/to tracks 14 and 15. Tickets for the airport train are purchased at the Flytoget terminal.

Getting to Oslo S by tram
Stop at the Jernbanetorget tram stop. Use the north exit at Byporten towards Oslo City. You can also go through Byporten. The tram stop is between Byporten and Oslo S.

Getting to Oslo S by taxi
There is a taxi rank outside the airport train terminal towards the sea side (upper taxi rank) and at the tube exit towards Byporten.

Arrival Trondheim

Our Hotel in Trondheim is Scandic Nidelven. The address here is Havnegata 1-4, 7010 Trondheim. Link to map:

Your final preparations are to be completed before the start and equipment is to be checked one last time. Getting a good start to the day also makes all the difference, so it's good to know that the hotel has a breakfast awarded for being Norway's best. Breakfast is served from 02:00 – 05:00.

You will also be able to get any help you need with technical challenges that might arise from Hank Sport at the hotel. They are there to help you out at the hotel, at the start area and in Soknedal. In addition, clothing will be available from Bioracer. In other words, you will get all the help you need so everything is good to go before you get on your bicycle.


Before you are ready to go on the starting line, it's a good idea to be as well prepared as possible. Regular training throughout the year is one thing, but bringing the right equipment and checking that it is in order is also an essential part of the trip. Be sure to check your bicycle thoroughly both before departure and on arrival to ensure your gears, brakes and other equipment is in proper condition. If you get to the starting area and find out that something is wrong, you can contact Bjørn Vindvik (+47 909 45 511) with Hank Sport. Hewill be able to help you with simple repairs and replacement equipment for your bicycle.

Also, keep in mind that use of a helmet is mandatory at all times throughout the competition.
NB: When cycling at night or in poor visibility on public roads or areas in Norway, bicycles must have a front light that has either yellow or white light and/or a multifunctional light that flashes or has a solid white light. At the rear, bicycles must have a either a solid or flashing red light. The lights should be clearly visible at a distance of 300 m. Flashing lights are to blink at least 120 flashes per minute. The lights must be attached to the bicycle.

Norway is a country with a lot of weather. Remember to pack for several types of weather conditions. You can easily keep up to date with the weather via Rittvær / Race Weather. If you get to the starting line and you find you are missing an item of clothing, our partner Bioracer will have apparel available.

The race

Start Trondheim

The start in Trondheim has an atmosphere charged with excitement, nervousness, expectations and courage. The start happens in Munkegata, south of Torget in Trondheim. Then the route goes through Erling Skakkes gate up to Prinsens gate which you are then able follow on to the E6. For map of the start location, click HERE. There are toilets available at the starting area.

Start Kvam

Start av Kiwi Kvam.

Start Lillehammer.

From Swix with Master for approx 2 km.

Start Gjøvik

Start with master to RV 33.

Start Eidsvoll

Start at Eidsvoll from Gamle Nebbenes kro.

Baggage transport

When you get to the starting area, you will be able to drop off your baggage so you can pick it up at Valhall. You can drop off up to four pieces of baggage. This can range from small bags to bicycle bags. Unfortunately, we can't accept shopping bags / plastic bags as baggage.


Race times are calculated from the starting mat at Torget in Trondheim and up to when you come out of the tunnel at Økern. NB: It is important to note that you must cross the mandatory crossing point in Valhall to have your time approved.

Real-time results are available all the way from Trondheim to Oslo. In order to follow your time, download the Ultimate Sport Services Live app in either the App Store or Google Play and keep the app on.

If you do not have the app, the system will still be able to estimate your position.

Route and road conditions

It is strictly forbidden to dispose waste outside the food stops and in the finishing area. We ride inside National Parks and we all have a responsibility to keep the roadside clear of any litter.

New route when exiting Trondheim:
Depart E6 at Kempe, then Sluppen Bridge to Heimdal. Then Heidalsvegen until Klett, then service road until you again are back on E6 at Kvaal.

Food Stations

Opening hours

The various service points along the route will be manned during the race and all opening and closing times can be found in the table below.

Important! Relief/first aid stations and food stops may have different manning times.

The course closes at the same time the relief and first aid crews go off duty.

24-hour technical service number: +47 474 51 590.

If serious accidents and or personal injuries occur – call 113.

Oppdalsporten 122/602:0022/606:00
Oppdalsporten 222/606:0022/611:30
Stensby sykehus22/607:0023/601:00
Vallhall Arena22/608:3023/606:00


1 Oppdalsporten - left hand side of the road
2 Skogtun Grendahus - right hand side of the road
Food stops
Oppdalsporten 322/602:0022/605:30
Oppdalsporten 422/605:3022/609:30
Stensby sykehus22/610:0023/601:00
Vallhall Arena22/608:3023/606:00

Menu (On all stations)

3 Oppdalsporten (Left hand side)
4 Skogtun (Right hand side)
5 Not Soknedal
6 Please note that the bananas is fully matured. The cooling process encountered in transportation reduces external color quality, but not the quality of the banana
n/a Ola Pakka,
Open Sandwich
Fruktsuppe / Fruit soup

Inneholder ikke gluten
Does not contain gluten
Karbonade m/gulost,
Beef sandwich,
Egg og Tomat,
Egg & Tomato sandwich,
Brunost m/syltetøy
Norwegian Goat cheese with jam.
Betasuppe med kjøtt
Meat & Barley soup

Inneholder gluten
Contains gluten
Focaccia med skinke,
Focaccia with ham,
Ost & Skinke,
Ham & Cheese Sandwich,
Cheese Sandwich
Vegetable soup

Inneholder ikke gluten
Does not contain gluten
Pølsefest med Leiv Vidar,
Warm hot dogs from Leiv Vidar,
Egg & Tomat Sandwich,
Egg & Tomato Sandwich,
Brunost med syltetøy,
Norwegian Goat cheese with jam,
Coca-Cola Classic
Cauliflower soup

Inneholder gluten
Contains gluten
Burrito Kylling,
Chicken Burrito,
Egg & Tomat Sandwich,
Egg & Tomato Sandwich,
Ost & Skinke,
Ham & Cheese Sandwich,
Brunost med syltetøy,
Norwegian Goat cheese with jam,
Cheese Sandwich
Svensk ertesuppe
Swedish Pea soup

Inneholder ikke gluten
Does not contain gluten
Focaccia med skinke,
Focaccia with ham,
Karbonade med gulost, Egg, Leverpostei,
Beef, Egg & Pâté Sandwich,
Ost & Skinke,
Ham & Cheese,
Brunost med syltetøy,
Norwegian Goat cheese with jam,
Cheese Sandwich
Bergensk fiskesuppe
Fish soup from Bergen

Inneholder gluten
Contains gluten
Egg & Tomat Sandwich,
Burrito Kylling,
Chicken Burrito,
Egg & Tomato Sandwich,
Ost & Skinke,
Ham & Cheese,
Brunost med syltetøy,
Norwegian Goat cheese with jam,
Cheese Sandwich
Stensby sykehus
Rhubarb soup
Denne suppen er berømt og laget fra bunnen av Eidsvoll og Hurdal Røde kors

Famous soup made by the local food stop

Spør om gluten
Ask about gluten
MG Wrap Kylling,
Chicken Wrap,
Egg & Tomat Sandwich,
Egg & Tomato Sandwich,
Ost & Skinke,
Ham & Cheese,
Brunost med syltetøy,
Norwegian Goat cheese with jam,
Cheese Sandwich
Champignon suppe
Champignon soup

Inneholder gluten
Contains gluten
Burrito Kylling,
Chicken Burrito,
Egg & Tomat Sandwich,
Egg & Tomato Sandwich,
Ost & Skinke,
Ham & Cheese,
Brunost med syltetøy,
Norwegian Goat cheese with jam,
Cheese Sandwich,
Coca Cola
Valhall Arena (Finisher Area)
Free pizza from Orkla

Til salgs / For purchase:
Pølser fra Leiv Vidar,
Hot dogs from Leiv Vidar,
Pulled Pork Wrap,
Coca Cola,
Coffee from Chaqwa,
Øl fra Ringnes, Kronenburg 1664 og Corona
Beer from Rignes, Kronenburg 1664 and Corona

Technical support

If you are in need of assistance, please call our service number +47 47 45 15 90.

We recommend that you save this number on your phone before starting the race. The number is also printed on your start number. This number is manned 24/7. The operators answering this number know at all times where the nearest service car is located. In addition, they will assist the cars in finding you. These cars will only be able to offer limited assistance (extra tubes, certain tools, etc.).


If your bicycle breaks down and you need help to find the nearest public transport, call the same service number 47 45 15 90. We will then be able to send the nearest car to help you.

Finisher area – Vallhall Arena

Styrkeprøven's finishing area is the Vallhall Arena, Dronning Margretes Vei 11, 0663 Oslo. You will find everything you need in the finishing area after you have completed Styrkeprøven.

In addition, there will be a racing office in the hall where you will be given assistance ordering a taxi, picking up anniversary medals/diplomas and other items you may be need to know.

Kart over målområdet i Vallhall Arena

When you arrive at the hall, first you will receive your medal. Then you will be served pizza and water as you move along. After this, a photo wall has been set up so that you can take some nice pictures. Please use the hashtag #styrkeprøven when publishing on social media.

For those waiting for you, there will be activities inside the hall. Food and drinks will be available for purchase by all at Styrkebaren. On sale:


Use the USS Ultimate App or come to the Secretariat and ask us.

Pick up and transport from the Arena

Pick up and return transport of participants Parking for participants/support staff in the finishing area is at the Valle Hovin Stadium, use the entrance from Grenseveien via Innspurten.

For those driving the E6 going south, use the Helsfyr (Grensesvingen) exit and turn left at the traffic lights at Grenseveien. Follow this approx. 200 meters to Innspurten, turn right at the next traffic lights. From there, it is marked and staff will lead you into the parking lot.

For those driving the E6 going north, exit towards Helsfyr (Grensesvingen) and turn left at the traffic lights into Grenseveien. Follow Grenseveien until Innspurten and then go to the right (2nd set of traffic lights after getting on Grenseveien).

For those driving Grenseveien going east, turn left into Innspurten and follow the signs for parking.

It will not be possible to drive right up to the hall. This also applies to those who are being picked up by bus. There is a separate pick-up point for buses just south of Valle Hovin.

We kindly request all participants and others not to litter in the parking area or anywhere else. Several rubbish bins will be amply placed so we strongly urge everyone to take advantage of them.

If you are going to use public transport after the event, you can easily reach Fyrtikktorget where you can find tube and bus connections. There is also the option of ordering a taxi at the same pick-up point location as buses.

For those who have booked accommodation at Scandic Helsfyr, you can use the following routes:

Rute for å komme seg til Scandic Helsfyr

Phone list


Morten Mørk / Race director
976 84 097
Eirik Thorgersen / Technical director
906 67 191
Pål W. Wøien / Director
924 44 722

Course marshals

Svein Auke
470 19 750

Technical service

474 51 590

Relief service

Soknedal, Soknedal RKH
994 19 445
Oppdal, Oppdal RKH
990 22 694
Dombås, Dombås RKH
976 99 024
Kvam, Nord-Fron RKH
958 66 770
Kvitfjelltunet, Fåvang RKH
975 89 978
Biri, Redalen RKH
916 03 600
Totenvika, Østre Toten RKH
996 29 735
Stensby Sykehus, E&H RKH
476 50 476
Kløfta, Ullensaker RKH
954 39 933
Vallhall Arena, Lunner RKH
915 10 934

Food stops

Soknedal / Solveig Dromnes Solberg
901 80 862‬
Oppdalsporten / Veslemøy Høivik
993 46 809
Skogtun Grendahus / Tove Havdal
951 54 206
Dombås / Ole Fredrik Hauge
997 03 738
Kvam / Rolf Randen
481 29 436
Kvitfjelltunet / Jan Dalseghagen
975 89 978
Biri / Redalen RKH
916 03 600
Totenvika / Hilde Merete Bakkelund
996 29 735
Stensby sykehus / Øystein H Andersen
934 19 678
Kløfta / Thomas Jansen
414 15 199

Secretariat / Start

Trondheim sekretariat
Egil Reiersrud
934 31 500
Tore Elvedal
402 37 546
Trondheim start
Ingar Wilhelmsen
900 94 743
Anette Lunde
909 49 647
Lillehammer secretariat
Svein Auke
470 19 750
Lillehammer start
Pål Wiik-Wøien
924 44 722
Gjøvik / Tom Gulberg
959 98 386
Eidsvoll secretariat
Bjørn Erik Nyrud
992 72 702
Eidsvoll start
Tor Myrseth
934 07 434


Inside / Andreas Skatvedt
474 43 842
Outside / Eirik Thorgersen
906 67 191
Baggage / Reidar Østgård
944 88 794