Refund procedure for the 2020 races

The Coronavirus epidemic has hit us with full force and cancellation of all our three races scheduled before the summer. We are still hoping for Oslo - Laerdal Aug 22nd 2020.


The automated refund procedure has now been build from scratch and tested. Our company and partners have been exposed to furloughing and as a result - the refund procedure has this taken more time to complete than anticipated.

Participants having paid with invoice and registered with vouchers - please contact Styrkeprøven at for your refund.

Our Terms and conditions stipulates a 50% refund of the registration fee only. As an extraordinary measure we will also offer a full refund for accommodation and transport. This being made possible through separate agreements with our hotel and transport partners.

We have also received many supporting letters were participants are offering their support and not requesting their refund. Styrkeprøven is very grateful for this support.

To obtain your refund:

  1. Log in to you profile
  2. Add you IBAN account number
  3. Update

The refund procedure will be open for 6 (six) weeks. After 6 weeks (June 29th 2020) the refund procedure will be closed.

Also - please be informed - There is no option to forward you registration to 2021.