Hotels in Styrkepröven

Styrkepröven hotel partner for 2018-2021 is Scandic Hotels. We are very please to offer accommodations, food and hospitality on behalf of the Scandic Group.

As per previous years, Scandic Nidelven in Trondheim, is also the place where your find our Secretariat for the Trondheim Distance. Your stay at Scandic Nidelven is thus the most efficient way to organise your Trondheim - Oslo start.

2017-11-23 scandic-nidelven-facade

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Our hotels are:


Scandic Nidelven, Havnegata 1-4, 7010 Trondheim, Tlf +47 73 56 80 00


Scandic Lillehammer, Turisthotellvegen 6, 2609 Lillehammer, +47 61 28 60 00


Scandic Helsfyr, Strømsveien 108, 0663 Oslo, Tlf: +47 23 06 78 78

The prices are given per room and includes breakfast for all guests in the room. Please also note that you can purchase a full dinner at Scandic Nidelven (Thursday and Friday) and Scandic Lillehammer (Friday). The dinner is settled directly with the hotel. 

Book you room when you register, alternatively add you hotel via the Login link with your username and password received upon you initial registration. 

NB: Our hotel booking closes May 1st 2021 at 12:00 hrs.