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Welcome to the 49th edition - 2015

Styrkepröven AS and its owners are proud to present the 49th edition of our Great Trial of Strength. The 2015 race will be held from June 19th – until June 21st.

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Following the 2014 edition we made a hard and thorough evaluation of our race. The administration and the Owners have recognized the fact that we were in need of revisions. Today we present a revised and more social package for all our guests that will ensure the success of our race into the foreseeable future. The new and exiting programs will be presented individually on our new web site.

One of the main topics in our discussion has been that we need to be a race for all parties. If your desire is speed, time and endurance– we have a venue tailored especially for you. If your desire leans towards a more social framework – we have a venue for that as well. We do not want to discriminate anyone and have tried to the best of our abilities to create a super arena for all.

The consequences of the abovementioned theses are;

The foremost, and by far the most important new concept, is our new End Location – Ekeberg and the indoor sport arena Ekeberghallen. Ekeberg is one of the oldest inhabited areas in Oslo and archaeologists suggest settlements of more than 10 000 years old. Compared to our old End Location Ekeberg is more in the heart of Oslo, just above the city itself and it offers spectacular views of the city. Having an End Location in conjunction with an indoor sport arena ensures dry and warm conditions for all our participants, and the weather is no longer a factor for a happy and joyful finish area.

The main challenge in chancing venue is road selection into the heart of our busy capital. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the Oslo Police Department are both key factors enabling the change. All practical matters are not yet solved, but together with the officials we aim to complete road selection in 2014.

In addition to serve as End Location for our Great Trial of Strength we will arrange children’s race, a race for youths and demonstrate trial bikes in cooperation with the Norwegian Cycle Federation. The outdoor area will also include a commercial area where participants, spectators, families and friends can shop for races to come at favourable race prices.

In addition we have separated the speed and time riders from the social endurance rider. In 1967 our Founder, WWII resistance fighter Erik Gjems-Onstad and 120 of his bike riding friends set out in a Mass Start from Trondheim and inaugurated The Great Trial of Strength. The 2015 edition will go back to basic and our roots from 1967. There will again be a Mass Start from Trondheim for those peak performance riders wanting to compete in the hardest race. The Mass Start will be open for both national and international riders. You can read more in the specially designed Mass Start Article.

Furthermore – from Dombås we will arrange a similar Mass Start for women. 350 km to seek out, what must probably be, the strongest female rider in the world. Please read the Women Mass Start Article.

From Lillehammer we offer unofficial Norwegian Championship Team Time Trial – Long Distance to Oslo in 2015, hopefully official Norwegian Championship in 2016 . This competition will be open to clubs, which are member of the national cycle federation. Foreign clubs are welcomed to participate .

For those of you participating with stamina and endurance that be from Trondheim or Eidsvoll, we will do our utmost to enhance the experience. The food stops, medical service, technical services are all up for evaluation and will be improved. We will also make sure that the End Location and our finisher area will present you with memories of happy fellow riders, smiles, music, food and entertainment.

This year we have taken some bold steps in a new direction. We will over the years to come evaluate, improve and present new ideas, strengthen good ideas and work very hard to ensure that the Greatest Trial of Strength is in the forefront of European bike races.

Styrkepröven AS