Peugeot Grand Prix

Lillehammer – Oslo 2017

The race from Lillehammer to Oslo was first held in 1997 and in 2017 we ride for the 21st time. Three riders, one woman and two men, have completed 18 editions of Lillehammer – Oslo. 96 riders have completed more than 10 times

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Our main sponsor Peugeot Norway has given its name to the distance. Without Peugeot our race had been a marginal affair. In addition to their direct support they provide us with 42 vehicles. These cars patrols, transports and ferries people and equipment all along the route from Trondheim to Oslo. On behalf of our riders and us as organizers we are most grateful.

191 kilometres in beautiful Norwegian scenery takes you to the capital. Some ride fast, someone is in the middle and some riders cruise to the city. Every single rider is vital to Styrkeprøven and we strongly encourage all riders to adhere to the Norwegian Traffic Code. Furthermore – be agile; be aware of other users of the road and smile. Be a positive contribution and represent the best in cycling.

If you are a tandem rider we have an allocated start only for tandem from Lillehammer. Recumbent bikes or hand bikes are most welcome as well.

Styrkeprøven utilizes self-seeding starts. Select a time budget, which fits your speed. Our tip as always – select a time budget you can manage and have a nice ride with your likeminded.

You are most welcome in 2017