Ladies Edition

Lillehammer – Oslo 2017

123 riders started Ladies Edition from Lillehammer for the first time in 2016. The work carried out in advance of the race was significant and Styrkeprøven with all nine owner clubs in Oslo and Akershus was very proud of the result.

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There had not been so many girls in a mass start since the glory days of Hamar where 603 girls started in 2011.

In addition to the Ladies Edition fromLillehammer we had pure woman starts from Trondheim, Kvam, Gjøvik and Eidsvoll.

For the Ladies Edition, we have reserved the start time of 09:06. As in 2016 we have a private bus transfer from Oslo at 05:00. We give suitable wardrobe solution by the Swix building and we reserve our own color on the start numbers.

We welcome everybody to start in 2017