Kvam - Oslo

The Half Distance

Kvam was offered as a starting point for the first time in 2016. Kvam – Oslo represents the half distance from Trondheim to Oslo.


Previous editions of Styrkeprøven have started at Dombaas further up the valley, but this start has now been cancelled when Kvam was introduced.

Feedback from the 104 riders who started in 2016 was very positive and together with the local Sports Club, Kvam IL, Kvam will be offered in 2017 and also in the years to come.

The 280 kilometres to Oslo offers a beautiful ride through Gudbrandsdalen and down to Lillehammer where we join the Lillehammer – Oslo course.

The road from Kvam down to Frya will follow the course as per 2016. However a new E6 opens Dec 2016 and our course from Kvam will be on the Old E6 with much better traffic conditions. Hopefully this will enhance the experience for our riders.

We offer train service to Kvam departing Oslo Central Station 08:02 hrs June 16th.

On your way to Oslo you can enjoy 5 food stops evenly spread out. First aid and technical service will also be available here

Again – welcome to Kvam.