Invitation - Styrkeprøven 2017

The 50th anniversary of Styrkepröven in 2016 was a huge success for both rider and organizers. With very few exceptions weather and wind played on our side for the entire race

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The revised finish from Olavsgaard proved to be the right thing to do and the Vallhall Arena worked very well and met and exceeded all our expectations.

We had riders from 36 nations in 2016 and for natural causes most of them do not speak nor read Norwegian. We are thus somewhat embarrassed that our survey was not made out in English and German. For 2017 this will be corrected and hopefully all our foreign guests will have an opportunity to have their say.

The survey response was at 55 % and we are humble with respect to all the positive feedback received. A majority of our riders feel a very strong ownership to Trondheim – Oslo and we are merely looking after it for the next generation.

Styrkepröven is a complex task with approximately 9 000 hours of voluntary work from a vast number of people. They are scattered out along the route, at our start sites and in the finish area. Your positive feedback to all our hands is much appreciated. Thanks.

2017 will add minor improvements to a functioning Styrkepröven format. We will start in Trondheim, Kvam, Lillehammer, Gjövik and Eidsvoll as per 2016.

You are most welcome to participate in “The Great Trial of Strength” - the finest race in cycling.

Christian Tollefsen
Styrkepröven AS