Audun Fløtten wins Atea Challenge

Four Riders broke away from the Peleton in the climb to Dovre. They were able to stay clear all the way to Oslo. Audun Fløtten left his three companions 60 km before the finish line and never looked back. He soloed in to Oslo and became known as the first man to win the Mass Start from Trondheim in decades. In addition he picked up the purse at Nok 50000.

Alene over målstreken etter 545 kilometer. Audun Flåtten ble en suveren vinner av Atea Challenge.

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Audun premie

Mass Start from Trondheim was the original idea conceived in 1967. Man vs. man to Oslo. For the last two decades we have had no Mass Starts in Styrkeprøven. In 2015 the concept was back - ATEA Challenge Trondheim - Oslo.

A lot of uncertainty circulated in the Peleton prior to start. 550 km road race - how would the race evolve. The Peleton stayed together for the first 100k until the first mandatory food stop. 5 minutes at Oppdalsporten and off they went. Not not long thereafter, Audun Fløtten (NO) decided to up the pace and drove the Peleton to pieces up towards Hjerkinn. Jens Petter Elton Gransæther (NO), Eric Nevin (USA) and Knut Sande (NO) were able to keep up with Audun and the four successfully passed the top of the mountain together.

A sprint was maybe to be expected after a hard and enduring race, but Audun Fløtten decided no. He left the others and rode to Oslo alone.

- I was not confident that the last break away would succeed, but I felt strong and decided to have ago. The legs felt good and I was glad i seized the opportunity, said Audun.

Audun Fløtten is a member of the Continental Level «Team Ringerikts-Kraft» and he is due to compete in the Norwegian National Championship Time Trial competition this coming Thursday.

Jens Petter Elton Gransæther came in second, Eric Nevin secured the last podium spot and Knut Sande came in fourth.