IF Frøy 2 på lagtempo fra Lillehammer

Hotels in Styrkepröven

Styrkepröven hotel partner for 2018-2020 is Scandic Hotels. We are very please to offer accommodations, food and hospitality on behalf of the Scandic...

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  • Sell your registration

    It will be possible to sell you registration from Tuesday 5 June 2018 at 10:00

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  • Lillehammer and Kvam, start location

    Where can I find the start?

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  • Registration 2018

    The registration for Styrkepröven 2018 opens October 8th 2017

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  • Live results

    It's Styrkeprøven week! Before you start, please allow us to take a few minutes of your time to inform you about our live services to you, your friends and family.

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  • Deadline for train transportation to Kvam and Trondheim

    Book your transport now

    Deadline for booking train tickets to Kvam and Trondheim is Monday, May 15th at 12:00 hrs

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    We hereby invite you to take part in our Photo Contest 2017. The podium in the contest competes for prizes from Garmin, Uvex and Castelli.

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  • Ladies Edition

    Lillehammer – Oslo 2017

    123 riders started Ladies Edition from Lillehammer for the first time in 2016. The work carried out in advance of the race was significant and Styrkeprøven with all nine owner clubs in Oslo and...

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  • Invitation - Styrkeprøven 2017

    The 50th anniversary of Styrkepröven in 2016 was a huge success for both rider and organizers. With very few exceptions weather and wind played on our side for the entire race

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  • Gjøvik - Oslo

    Gjøvik – Oslo is a very manageable distance for all riders. 137 km is a breeze and absolutely recommendable for most riders.

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  • Peugeot Grand Prix

    Lillehammer – Oslo 2017

    The race from Lillehammer to Oslo was first held in 1997 and in 2017 we ride for the 21st time. Three riders, one woman and two men, have completed 18 editions of Lillehammer – Oslo. 96 riders have...

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  • Kvam - Oslo

    The Half Distance

    Kvam was offered as a starting point for the first time in 2016. Kvam – Oslo represents the half distance from Trondheim to Oslo.

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  • Teams from Trondheim

    From Trondheim we offer dedicated group starts to Teams and/or large groups

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    International Tour for amateurs or just a cool international race experience? That's up to you.

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  • Audun Fløttet sikret seg pene 50.000 kroner for seieren i Atea Challenge.

    Audun Fløtten wins Atea Challenge

    Four Riders broke away from the Peleton in the climb to Dovre. They were able to stay clear all the way to Oslo. Audun Fløtten left his three companions 60 km before the finish line and never looked...

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  • Nyhetsbilde_stort_773x411

    The Greatest Bike Race

    Welcome to the 49th edition

    Styrkepröven AS and its owners are proud to present the 49th edition of our Great Trial of Strength. The 2015 race will be held from June 19th – until June 21st.

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  • Food Stops, Medical and Menu

    Opening hours

    Here you will find information regarding Food Stops - Medical / Opening hours and Menu

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