Lillehammer - Oslo

Styrkepröven Peugeot Grand Prix

Individual Entry


Length: 192 km

Total climb: 1327 m

GPS-tracks: KML, TCX, GPX

Lillehammer – Oslo, our most popular distance. Lillehammer has been part of The Styrkeprøven Program since 1997 and 2018 is the 22st Edition. Super experience alongside Norway's largest lake – Mjøsa

Changes to you your registration

When your initial registration is complete you will receive a link, a username and a password. Please use this link to reenter your registration and complete the changes as you see them fit. I.e. reserve a hotel room, buy a t-shirt or change your starting group. This is also used to sell your registration. Last chance for changes will be June 15th 2018 at 1159 am.

Sell your Registration

You may sell your registration. The procedure is quite simple and consists of two steps, one for the seller and one for the buyer. The procedure is as follows here

In 2018, it will not be possible to sell your start number before the start pools at Lillehammer is fully subscribed. We recommend our Cancellation Insurance for those who feel the need for extra security.

The start in Lillehammer

The start in Lillehammer takes place at The Swix building. The address is Blåswixvegen 5, 2624 Lillehammer.


The Secretariat in Lillehammer is located at The Swix building. The address is Blåswixvegen 5, 2624 Lillehammer..

Opening hours: Friday 15th. 12:00-21:00. Saturday 16th 03:30-11:00.

Start number

You will receive your start number from the Secretariat. The start number with chip included shall be mounted / fixed to the seat post as per instructions.


Along with your start number you will be furnished with two luggage tags. These are to be attached to your luggage. You must deliver your luggage at the start area to a visibly marked lorry / trailer. And, please note - transportation of your luggage is included in the Registration Fee.

Age requirements

To ride Ladies Edition you must turn 17 in the calendar year 2018.

License requirements

Annual license from the Norwegian Cycling Federation (NCF) or a Tour License (Temporary National Racing License) must be purchased. The Tour License is NOK 200,-

Cancellation Policy

A Cancellation Policy can be purchased at NOK 400,-. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Selection of Start Groups

In Styrkepröven, self-seeding is used by the participants. This means that you choose the time budget that best suits you and your goals. We would like to stress – select wisely and do not select groups with a lower time budget than you can manage. The ride will be a lot harder if you do so.

For 2018 it will be possible for Teams or clubs to reserve their own starting pools in closed pools. Those who wish for this please contact Styrkeprøven AS. From 2018 it will be possible for smaller clubs or groupings to get their own start. Probably, we will start 7 pools of 6 riders in what we have called club start smaller clubs.

Start Group

From Lillehammer the first 27 pools are reserved clubs associated with the Norwegian Cycle Federation. 3 of these reserved seats are reserved for women. The number of pools for women could be expanded as needed. After these we start with a new thing - 7 pools on up to 6 riders are sent out. Those Interested, contact Styrkepröven. After these starts regular big teams and regular pools. In the cyclosportive are the core of the cyclists from Lillehammer. Some ride on self-made teams, some ride with friends and some ride solo. Some start alone and end up in a nice group who together travel all the way to Oslo.

Food Stops / Technical Service / Medical Support

Styrkeproven has 4 food stops from Lillehammer to Oslo. On these Food Stops you will meet representatives from various sports clubs or other organizations.  They are all volunteers and extremely vital to our race. Most of them have been with us for many years and have experience if you are in need of advice.

From 2018 we will introduce more variation of the food selection. Orkla Health Food, Coca-Cola Enterprises and ASKO will deliver as usual.

All Food Stops also include Technical Service if your bike is in need of a little help. On the road we have 16 Peugeots which provides neutral service if you need help there and then.

A telephone number will be provided to call upon mobile assistance.

Service Vehicles

Service vehicles in Styrkeprøven is strictly forbidden.

Vehicles driving behind riders and not showing will to pass will be stopped by the Police or the organizers. The riders being followed by vehicles risk disqualification.

Medals / Diplomas

All riders completing any of the five distances will receive a medal where distance and year is inscribed. Diplomas will be available for you to print from our results service (USS) via the web page the day after the race.