Kvam - Oslo

279 km

Individual Entry


Length: 279 km

Total climb: 1655 m

GPS-tracks: KML, TCX, GPX

Fantastic trip for those looking for a long stretch from the heart of Gudbrandsdalen

The Kvam distance represents "one half of Styrkeprøven", exactly half of the ordinary distance.

Changes to your registration

When your initial registration is completed you will receive a link, a username and a password. Please use this link to reenter you registration and complete the changes as you see them fit. I.e. reserve a hotel room, buy a t-shirt or change your starting group. This is also used to sell your registration.

Sell your Registration

You can not sell your registration unless the race from Kvam is fully Subscribed. You may consider our Cancellation Policy.

Transport (train) from Oslo to Kvam

There will be train available from Oslo to Kvam on Friday 15th of June.

The train departs Oslo Central Station at 0802 hrs. You can order the train tickets for you and your bike when you complete a normal registration. Please note - delivery of your bike is at "Track 19" in Trelastgata. This is located at the south of the tracks at Oslo Central Station. You will be met by representatives from Strykeproven who will assist in bubble wrapping your bike before loading. Bike delivery from 06:30. The bike will be transported to Kvam, and delivered at KIWI/Kvam.

The start in Kvam

The start at Kvam will take place in the centre, just across the popular restaurant Sinclair. It is a small town and you want miss it.

Hotel in Kvam (reservations must be done directly with the hotel)

Vertshuset Sinclair, directly across the food stop / secretariat

Camping in Kvam (reservations must be done directly)

Kirketeigen Ungdomssenter og Camping have the following offer:

2-persons, 4-persons and 6-persons room with sharing shower/toilet
2-persons and 4-persons cabins with sharing shower/toilet

Family cabins with 5 beds, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Free internet/wifi

Must be ordered directly at the camping


The address for the Secretariat at Kvam will be at the grocery shop Kiwi and includes both Secretariat and start area.

The opening hours for the registration office/secretariat are:
Friday June 15 at 17:00-21:00 at Kiwi Kvam (grocery store)
Saturday June 17 at 06:30-08:00 at Sinclair Restaurant/Guesthouse

Start number

You will receive your start number from the Secretariat. We will also bring along unclaimed start numbers to the Start Area. The Start number with chip included shall be mounted / fixed to the seat post as per instructions.


Along with your Start number you will be furnished with two luggage tags. These are to be attached to your luggage. You must deliver your luggage at the start area to a visibly marked lorry / trailer. This will ease redelivery in Oslo – thanks. And, please note - transportation of your luggage is included in the Registration Fee.

Age requirements

To ride Kvam – Oslo you must turn 17 in the calendar year 2018.

License requirements

Annual license from the Norwegian Cycling Federation (NCF) or a Tour License (Temporary National Racing License) must be purchased. The Tour License is NOK 200,-

Cancellation Policy

A Cancellation Policy can be purchased at NOK 400,-. Read the Terms and Conditions.

Selection of Start Groups

From Kvam there are a total of five start groups and one of them is for ladies only. 

Food Stops / Technical Service / Medical Support

Styrkeproven has 6 food stops from Kvam to Oslo incl Kvam. On these Food Stops you will meet representatives from various sports clubs or other organizations. They are all volunteers and extremely vital to our race. Most of them have been with us for many years and have experience if you are in need of advice.

We have upgraded our food service to include vacuumed sandwiches and wraps from Bama. Freshly cut fruit and hot soup, as you know it from Asko. Hot and cold drinks (including energy drinks) from The Coca-Cola Company.

All Food Stops also include Technical Service if your bike is in need of a little help. On the road we have 16 Peugeots which provides neutral service if you need help there and then.

A telephone number will be provided to call upon mobile assistance.

Service Vehicles

Service vehicles in Styrkeproven is strictly forbidden.

Vehicles driving behind riders and not showing will to pass will be stopped by the Police or the organizers. The riders being followed risk disqualification.

Medals / Diplomas

All riders completing any of the 5 distances will receive a medal where distance and year is inscribed. Diplomas will be available for you to print from our results service (USS).