The Greatest Bike Race

Welcome to the 49th edition

Styrkepröven AS and its owners are proud to present the 49th edition of our Great Trial of Strength. The 2015 race will be held from June 19th –...

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  • Experience our new End Location and Finisher Area at Ekeberg

    Bike Festivity in 2015

    From 2015 and onwards you will be able to experience our new End Location and Finisher Area at Ekeberg in Oslo. We are very proud to present this new venue and to offer something completely fresh.

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  • Mass Start Trondheim - Oslo

    Back to Basic

    The Great Strength of Trial from Trondheim to Oslo was never for the faint hearted. 540 km is just too long and hard for that. Over the last 10-15 years we have experienced an increased focus on Team...

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  • Women Only

    Back to Basic Dombås - Oslo

    We want to invite the strongest female bike-riders to a Mass Start from Dombås to Oslo. 350 km road race in fantastic nature will help us select probably the best and strongest female bike rider in...

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