Terms & Conditions


General terms

The event is regulated as per “Race Regulations” set forth by Styrkeprøven AS. The participants must adhere to any and all instructions from the organizers.

Binding registration

Your registration is binding. No refund is provided for any reason unless a Cancellation Policy is purchased.


If the event is cancelled in a period 7 days prior to the start the organizers may keep 50 % of the Registration Fee. If the event must be moved to a different place on the same date, alternatively cancelled and thereafter completed on a later date, alternatively moved to a new date and location, riders originally registered, but not participating, are not eligible for a refund. In the event the Race is cancelled on Race Day due to reason of sudden climatic change, weather or force majeure, the organizers is entitled to keep the Registration Fee.

Participating under another persons name

You may not participate in Styrkeprøven under other names than your own. You may not allow others to use your registration in your name with your bib. Violations of the abovementioned may lead to 5 years disbarment from our events.

Transport, hotel etc.

Please observe that transport, accommodations etc will not be refunded unless a Cancellation Policy is purchased.

Insurance / License

Every rider is responsible for having a valid Tour License prior to starting in Styrkeprøven. The license is either a valid annual license purchased through an official Norwegian cycling club, alternatively a “One Time Tour License” purchased upon registration from the organizers. The Norwegian Cycling Federation is responsible for the Tour License Program. The license is not eligible for refund.

Cancellation Policy

As you complete your initial registration you may opt for a Cancellation Policy. This policy is valid under acute illness for the rider or his/hers nearest family. The policy costs NOK 275,-. The Policy can only be purchased at your original registration. You may not cancel or order it after such date.

Please note – without a Cancellation Policy you are not entitled to any refund.

If a rider will utilize his or her Cancellation Policy the Organizers must be notified in writing (post@styrkeproven.no) at latest by Friday Jun 16th 2017 12:00 hrs.

Please note – Transport, hotel and other 3rd party deliverables are only refunded if Styrkeprøven AS is notified in writing (post@styrkeproven.no) 30 days prior to race start.


From your registration, hotel, transport or other fees a deductible is valid as per enclosed list. 

  • Trondheim NOK 325,-
  • Kvam NOK 275,-
  • Lillehammer NOK 220,-
  • Gjøvik NOK 165,-
  • Eidsvoll NOK 110,-