Sell your registration

NB. New setup for 2018

In 2018 we will open for sale of registration when the start groups are full at the respective start cities. We recommend those in need of additional margins to purchase our cancellation policy.

If sale of registration opens the following procedure is to be followed.

Sist oppdatert:

The cost for changing name is NOK 300,- in addition to administrative costs. The procedure as follows:


  1. Logs in to their profile page via link, username and password received with normal registration
  2. Select "Transfer Signup"
  3. Select "yes - I confirm"
  4. Confirm / update information
  5. The voucher code, which the buyer will use, is now displayed under personal data (this must be noted)

Once the seller has done all his steps, the buyer can start with his/hers.

NB! After you complete the above steps, you will automatically be disabled and will no longer have access to the system.


  1. Go to regular registration
  2. Choose distance
  3. Fill out information / sign up as normal
  4. Go to payment
  5. Enter the voucher code
  6. Discount is deducted
  7. Named exchange fee is payable
  8. Registration completed