Sell your registration

You may sell your registration. The procedure is quite simple and consists of two steps, one for the seller and one for the buyer.

Sist oppdatert:

The cost for changing name is NOK 200,- in addition to administrative costs. The procedure as follows:


1   Log on to your registration

2   Select “Edit”

3   Select “Yes – I would like to sell my registration”

4   Confirm / Update the information

5   A Voucher Code will be shown

6   The Voucher Code is to be delivered to the buyer


1   Via our web page – go to “Register”

2   Complete a normal registration

3   Proceed to payment

4   Use the Voucher Code received from the Seller as payment

5   Pay the fee for changing names

6   The new Registration is complete and the seller’s registration is deactivated.

The procedure is also available directly at our web page