Race regulations

Styrkeprøven is a cyclosportive race which purpose is to inspire cyclists


Article 1: Organizers

Styrkeprøven is organized by Styrkeprøven AS, Ekebergveien 101, N-1178 Oslo, Norway. The race is held between June 16th and June 18th 2017. The race has 5 start sites - Trondheim, Kvam, Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Eidsvoll.

Article 2: Participants

The race is open to all whom is 17 or older by year-end 2017. From Eidsvoll riders, who are 12 or older by year-end 2017, can participate if accompanied by an adult. All riders must have a valid annual tour license alternatively purchase a Tour License from the organizers.

Article 3: Other

All riders must adhere to the Norwegian Traffic Regulations as published by Norwegian Law and these race Regulations. Please observe that any and all participation in Styrkeprøven is on the rider’s own responsibility. The riders are personal responsible for any and all violations of the Norwegian Traffic Regulations.

Each participant is responsible for fixing the seat post time chip label to the bike as per our instructions. The seat post time chip label must be in place from start to finish. If you for any reason decide to abandon, cancel or stop the race the seat post time chip label should be removed.

The participants must obey any and all instructions from Police, Commissars or other representatives from the organizers. Lack of experience, physical limitations may cause the Police, Commissars or other representatives from the organizers to remove your from the race.

Article 4: Equipment

Please note
All riders must adhere to the following:


Helmet approved by a national body is mandatory


Please note – internal radio link or other forms of internal communication equipment is not allowed.


Standard cycling shirts and BIBs are to be used. Sleeveless t-shirts are not allowed. Time Trial clothing is allowed.


The bike must have two identical size wheels. The front wheel must be steerable and the drivetrain must be fixed to the back wheel.

Please also note recumbent bikes are allowed for disabled riders.

Time Trial bikes or standard road bikes with Time Trial handlebars are not allowed.

Article 5: Personal Service Vehicles

Please observe that no Personal Service Vehicles are allowed in Styrkeprøven.

Police, Commissars or other representatives from the organizers will stop such vehicles. Riders connected with such vehicles will be disqualified.

Styrkeprøven has its own fleet of neutral Service Vehicles available to all riders. Please call + 47 9201 0952 for Service.

Article 6: Food stops

9 food stops with approximately 50 km spacing1 are manned from Trondheim to Oslo. They are Soknedal, Oppdalsporten, Dombås, Kvam, Kvitfjelltunet, Biri, Totenvika, Stensby Sykehus and Kløfta.

1 Please note: From Oppdalsporten til Dombås it's 93 km

Article 7: Special Regulations

Any rider utilizing a motorized vehicle as aid, or by purpose demonstrating any form of unsportsmanlike behaviour will be disqualified.

Article 8: Prizes

Following prizes are awarded

  1. Participant medal to all riders completing the race. The medal will be awarded in Vallhall Arena
  2. Flowers and gifts according to Styrkeprøven AS' statutes

Article 9: Anti doping

The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) NIFs antidoping Regulations are enforced.

Please observe unscheduled testing may occur during and after the race.

Article 10: Penalties

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior and serious violations of the Norwegian Traffic Code will lead to disqualification.
  • Riders disposing garbage outside clearly marked drop zones will be disqualified, alternatively fined.
  • Riders utilizing a vehicle declared by the Police, Commissars or Organizers to be a Service Vehicle will be disqualified. 

Article 11: Environment

Disposal of garbage along the route is strictly prohibited. Such disposals at relevant food stops or other clearly marked public picnic areas may be used.